Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions

Corkbrick @ DDW 22

CORKBRICK EUROPE participated on Dutch Design Week 2022

Thank you Dutch Design Foundation for the invitation!

It was unforgettable to be among so many creative minds! 


9 days of showcasing in between so many other amazing designers.

It was a very successful week with uncountable visitors interested in our products! 



Corkbrick Solution Set 1

sustainable dynamic structures

Corkbrick Solution  Set 2

sustainable dynamic structures


All-in-all, this was a hugely positive experience, that distills down to the immense learning we leveraged from talking to such a wide range of individuals and the big positive feedback we received from the visitors.

The way forward: Be the Architect of your own Space! 



Participating in the Dutch Design Week with Corkbrick was quite an experience. Firstly  the feeling of being in an environment surrounded by Interesting and Intellectual creators for me is inspiring. To learn and hear feedback from people who are truly interested in understanding the product itself and the concept behind it. Secondly DDW being one of the largest Design Events in Europe is quite an achievement to be able to present Corkbrick a lego like sustainable furniture concept. 
Visitors came from all over the world, students from Universities from surrounding countries, elderly couples coming for an inspirational weekend, families with children, architects, designers, professors and more. 
Students studying material saw the corkbrick concept as an opportunity for new ideas for their own personal development, while others were fascinated by the idea itself. Many times I heard the words “Smart”  Most people see corkbrick as a smart concept especially today in a world that is turning towards a more sustainable and circular economy. Corkbrick fits in perfectly with this new way of thinking. 
Elderly couples were excited to see large size lego brocks, they would pick up the pieces and try to connect the brocks. It was lovely to see people from all ages engaging themselves with corkbrick. Even young children would walk towards the stand and play with simply two brocks, getting on the floor and connecting the pieces. Parents were happy to see a product that their children engaged themselves with. Definitely a great way for children to create their own room/ environment and have the option to change the environment when they desire. 
Teachers  I spoke to saw this as an amazing concept for school environments especially in Holland where the educational system is open for students to be creative and curious. 
Some schools such as Steiner and Vrij would openly accept a concept as such.  Vrij comes from the word meaning free, allowing school children to be free in exploring their environment.  Steiner Waldorf comes from an educational philosopher, Rudolf Steiner on how to educate children in a way that enables them to become their true selves, to be good citizens and to contribute to society and be a strong force for good in the world.  
A monthsary concept would be great where each month the class environment changes while having all the children do teamwork in creating their space as a whole. 
Professors stopped by and were interested in having corkbrick participate in lectures about the structure and material itself, the whole idea behind the concept etc. 
People from all walks of life passed by such as:
  1. Homeowners are thinking of an optimal way to keep their home warmer for the upcoming winter months. 
  2. Families wanting separated spaces in their homes, work or visitors space
  3. Young teenagers are thinking of easy ways to move from school housing, easily moving and using brocks and to create their own personal spaces.
  4. People want to block out the noise from large open spaces, from instrumental noises, from external traffic, even from the washing machine…
  5. Others simply love the feeling of the texture, the slight soft sensation of the material while sitting and the enclosed kept sound created by the walls. 
        Text Author by : Giselle Otero Rosa

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