When we first started developing CORKBRICK, we had one simple goal in mind: a flexible, modular DIY system that anyone could use. Going forward, not only did we achieve our goals, we also improved on our promise. We're the first truly sustainable DIY system with an ecological approach to our craft. 

We believe there is a need to rethink and reinvent how we deal with nature and the space we live in. 

What we're able to provide is a completely natural solution. Through the leverage of unique characteristics present in our environment, we created a new philosophy on how we manage the spaces we live in.

It was this mindset that allowed us to create something truly remarkable—a revolution in the DIY industry. The first ever, dynamic, durable, re-usable modular DIY system that not only takes the best from nature, it also respects it throughout its entire lifespan.

CORKBRICK is about versatility, flexibility, and comfort. It allows you to explore the possibilities of configurations towards a practical use that can easily be transformed into another. The seven 'brocks' mount and dismount using simply your bare hands. No tools, no screws, no glues. The material itself, cork, offers great levels of comfort in means of temperature, acoustics, and environment, as it brings nature inside walls. In minutes you can build a wall, a bookcase or a bed... your imagination is the only limit!  

For the first time in history, an object can have multiple personalities. There is no comparable solution on the market.  


CORKBRICK showed it's true colours to the world back in 2017 with our first ever CORKBRICK. We had reached a point where if we were going to make something happen, we'd need more fans to join the movement. The response was astounding!

Our first equity crowdfunding was a huge success: 247 fans/ investors, spread through 29 countries and over 130% over-funding. 

Now we are  heading to 500, on our way to building the first "Fan Owned Company" to create "Sustainable Dynamic Furniture and Structures". It is thanks to our fans that we are able to dream bigger and bring CORKBRICK to every household in the world.

We're always looking for like-minded individuals to join our movement. Are you a fan of our concept and vision? Talk to us if you're interested!