CORKBRICK EUROPE finalist in Global Startup Awards


"...We are very thrilled to have you in the competition as Startup of the Year for Portugal for South Europe Startup Awards." 

We have been nominated for South Europe Startup Awards, one of the 10 regions of Global Startup Awards, the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition. We will keep all our fans posted on the development of the contest. 


Last Update!!!

"We are thrilled to inform you that you have been shortlisted as a regional finalist. Congratulations! We are glad to have you in #SESA2020!"


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  • Looks good and very relevant.

    Sitting here in Menlo Park Silicon Valley

    Stuart Soffer
  • Muito giro 100% innovador e com uma margem infindavel de progressão, promoviendo um produto bem nacional. Parabens!!

    Manuel Francisco Pacheco
  • Interesting and ecological product

    Alexander Kopriwa
  • I am delighted to nominate Corkbrick Europe and its founder Mr. Miguel Reynolds Brandão for South Europe Startup Awards

    Mazda Razavi
  • I would recommend Portugal because of its culture and interconnected society, a medicalized people and accepting of other cultures, religions and races

    Abdulla Jaafar alsaifi

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