Corkbrick Europe and Santander Bank collaborate to offer sustainable construction solutions


Design CORKBRICK furniture and structure solutions - and earn perpetual royalties!

If you liked Lego and if you are good with SketchUp, you won't miss this opportunity to be among the pioneer creators with CORKBRICK.

CORKBRICK is a unique system of 7 cork elements that allows anybody to create and assemble furniture and structures in minutes. CORKBRICK works like Lego: a bench can be turned into a table, then into a bar - the number of combinations is endless. CORKBRICK is strong, light and durable, and presents all other characteristics that make cork indeed a unique, natural - and standout! - material.

The challenge - CORKBRICK EUROPE will pay you royalties for 
cool, innovative and beautiful designs that are sold in the CORKBRICK online SHOP.

WHO - Architects, designers or just any creative mind with a little bit of SketchUp experience can participate in the design challenge. You can find CORKBRICK in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Also, you can check our tutorials in the CREATE section for tips or use the CORKBRICK PLAY.
WHAT - There is no limit on the number or the scope of the creations. It can be a couch, a table or a wall for an office. It can be a baby box or an animal shelter. We reserve the right to decide which designs will be accepted in the shop.
UNIQUE - all participants can win this challenge, as long as their creation is published in the shop and sells. There are no judges! For all creations sold, the author will receive 3,78% of the sales - forever! For example: if your creation sells for 1500 EUR, you will receive 56,70 EUR in royalties per unit sold.
FIXED PAYMENT - The first 4 creations that are accepted in the shop will also receive a fixed fee of 222 EUR per creation. The sooner you unleash your creative power, the better.
HOW - The more quality content you produce for your design - the better it will sell. Sales will be online only, so your content should be optimised for the (mobile) web. Your content may include:
- 3D rendered pictures of your design in real-life environments;
- Videos, including assembly videos;
- Text and sound;
- Inventory of the "brocks" used in the solution;
1) Check our product template  and file name conventions, to prepare your creation following this guidelines in a xls shared document, following our file name conventions. If you use other materials to complement the structure of your creation, identify and explain it; 
2) Share the files in the original format using google drive with;
3)  Then, if your solution fit in our,  we will organise a video-call with to explore further details.
WHEN - the challenge is on!.
CORKBRICK is fun, useful and sustainable. It fits in a new trend to create sustainable dynamic structures and furniture. This challenge is a unique opportunity for creative minds to be part of history while doing what they most love - to create and change other people's lives.
If you need more info on the design challenge, please email us at or add a comment below. 

Please help us selecting the best solutions created with CORKBRICK. The quality of the proposals is outstanding. Take 5 minutes and enjoy. You won't regret. It will spark your imagination! 




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